September 28-30, 2022

ISMCR 2022


Robotics and Virtual Tools for a New Era. (This ONLINE Seminar is a global event hosted by the IMEKO/TC17 and the event coordinators' group members)

Abstracts are solicited from prospective authors on topics related to the theme of Robotics and Virtual Tools for a New Era. ISMCR 2022, for its 25th event highlights of the program.

This symposium will focus on various aspects of research, applications, and trends of robotics, advanced human-robot systems, and applied technologies, e.g. in the fields of robotics, telerobotics, autonomous vehicles, self-piloted electric passenger drones, simulator platforms, as well as virtual/augmented reality, Metaverse, and 3D modeling and simulation. All papers will have peer reviews and will be published with IMEKO guidelines.

Like its previous editions, ISMCR 2022 will serve as a forum for the exchange of recent research results and novel ideas in robotic technologies and applications in support of our theme of Robotics and Virtual Tools for a New Era. The topics may include but are not limited to the following-

• Sensors/Smart Sensors their Integration / Fusion
• Advanced Controls and Actuators
• Methods of Artificial Intelligence in Robotics
• Humanoid, Climbing/Walking, Service, and Autonomous Robots
• Self-piloted electric passenger drones and vehicles
• Anthropomorphic Robots/Mobile Robots
• Tele-existence / Telepresence
• Augmented Reality / Mixed Reality / Virtual Reality
• Metaverse
• Artificial Intelligence / IoT
• Intelligent CAD and IMS
• Visual / Auditory / Tactile / Force Displays
• VR Interaction and Navigation Techniques, Distributed VR Systems, and Motion Tracking
• VR Input and Output Devices, Innovative Applications of VR
• Education and Entertainment Robots
• Medical and Healthcare Robots
• Micro and Nano Robots
• Innovative Robotics Application

Event coordinated and supported by:

University of Estácio de Santa Catarina, Brazil


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