ISMCR 2023

25th International Symposium on Measurement and Control in Robotics

Iasi,  Romania, September 21 – 22, 2023


HYBRID EVENT: For those who, for many reasons, could not travel to Romania, online presentations will be possible 

This symposium will focus on various aspects of research, applications and
trends of robotics, advanced humanrobot systems and applied technologies, e.g. in the fields of robotics, telerobotics, autonomous vehicles, simulator platforms, as well as virtual/augmented reality and 3D modelling and simulation.
Like its previous editions, ISMCR 2023 serves as a forum for the exchange of
recent research results and novel ideas in robotic technologies and applications; this time with specific reference to smart mobility.

We are looking for original, high-quality contributions addressing (but not
limited to) the following topics:

  • Robot Design Innovations;
  • Sensors/Smart Sensors their Integration/Fusion;
  • Advanced Controls and Actuators;
  • Methods of Artificial Intelligence in Robotics;
  • Humanoid, Climbing/Walking, Service, and Autonomous Robots; Anthropomorphic Robots/Mobile Robots;
  • Teleexistence/ Telepresence;
  • Augmented Reality/Mixed Reality/Virtual Reality (VR);
  • Communication with Realistic Sensations;
  • Intelligent CAD and IMS;
  • Visual/Auditory/Tactile/Force Displays;
  • Tools and Techniques for Modeling VR Systems;
  • Software Architectures for VR;
  • VR Interaction and Navigation Techniques, Distributed VR Systems and
  • Motion Tracking;
  • VR Input and Output Devices;
  • Innovative Applications of VR;
  • Human Factors in VR;
  • Evaluation of VR Techniques and Systems;
  • Internet and VRML Application of VR in all areas;
  • Interactive Art and Entertainment;