IMEKO TC-17 was formed in 1987 and the committee started its international symposium in 1988 starting at Houston NASA/Johnson Space Center and named it ISMCR, the International Symposium on Measurement and Control in Robotics and the rest is history.


Chair: Prof. Dr. Susumu Tachi, Japan

Scientific Secretary: Dr. Zafar Taqvi, USA

  • 1st Houston, USA 1988
  • 2nd Houston, USA 1990
  • 3rd Beijing, China 1991
  • 4th Tsukuba, Japan 1992
  • 5th Torino, Italy 1993
  • 6th Houston, USA 1994
  • 7th Smolenice, Slovakia 1995
  • 8th Brussels, Belgium 1996
  • 9th Tampere, Finland 1997
  • 10th Prague, Czech 1998
  • 11th Tokyo, Japan 1999
  • 12th Vienna, Austria 2000
  • 13th London, UK 2001
  • 14th Bourges, France 2002
  • 15th Madrid, Spain 2003
  • 16th Houston, USA 2004
  • 17th Brussels, Belgium 2005
  • 18th Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2006
  • 19th Warsaw, Poland 2007
  • 20th Bangalore, India 2008
  • 21th Lisbon, Portugal 2009
  • 22nd Mons, Belgium 2018
  • 23rd Houston, Texas 2019

In 2018 Prof. Tachi resigned and IMEKO elected Dr. Zafar Taqvi at the Congress at Belfast as the new TC-17 chair. The new committee was organized and voted to nominate Prof Tachi as Chair Emeritus which was approved by IMEKO.


IMEKO Technical Committee of Robotics Measurement
Chair Dr Zafar Taqvi, USA
Vice-Chair Prof Yvan Baudoin, Belgium
Vice-Chair Prof Balint Kiss, Hungary
Scientific Secretary Prof Masahico Inami, Japan
Scientific Secretary Prof Simone Keller Fuchter, Brazil
Chair Emeritus Prof Susumu Tachi, Japan

Prof Andrej Babinec, Slovakia
Prof Goekcen Bas, Austria
Dr. Geert De Cubber, Belgium
Prof. Ioan Doroftei, Romania
Prof Carlo Farrero, Italy
Prof Jean-Guy Fontaine, France
Prof Toshio Fukuda, Japan
Prof Ken Grattan, UK
Prof. A. Vimala Juliet, India
Prof Sang-Youn Kim, Rep. South Korea
Prof. Peter Kopacek, Austria
Prof. Lino Marques, Portugal
Prof. Andrzej Maslowski, Poland
Prof. Giovanni Muscato, Italy
Prof. Grigory Panovko, Russia
Prof. Jurek Sasiadek, Canada
Engr. Jagdish Shukla, India
Prof. Jeromir Volf, Czech Republic
Prof. Zi Xue, China
Prof. Yanhe Zhu, China
Dr. Trung Pham, USA
Prof. Daniele Fontanelli, Italy
Prof. Zandai Kashino, Japan