Scope & Topics


This symposium focuses on various aspects of international research, applications and trends of robotic Innovations for the benefit of humanity, advanced human-robot systems and applied technologies, e.g. in the fields of robotics, telerobotics, simulator platforms and environment and mobile work machines as well as virtual reality/augmented reality and 3D modeling and simulation. The symposium will consist of keynote presentations on the state-of-the-art technology, workshops, and topical panels. All papers will have peer review and will be published with IMEKO and IEEE Guidelines.


  • Robot Design Innovations
  • Sensors/Smart Sensors their Integration / Fusion
  • Advanced Controls and Actuators
  • New Power Supplies
  • Methods of Artificial Intelligence in Robotics
  • Humanoid, Climbing/Walking, Service, and Autonomous Robots
  • Anthropomorphic Robots/Mobile Robots
  • Tele-existence / Telepresence
  • Augmented Reality / Mixed Reality / Virtual Reality
  • Communication with Realistic Sensations
  • Intelligent CAD and IMS
  • Visual and Auditory Displays
  • Tactile and Force Displays
  • Tools and Techniques for Modeling VR Systems
  • Real-Time Computer Simulation
  • Software Architectures for VR
  • VR Interaction and Navigation Techniques, Distributed VR Systems and Motion Tracking
  • VR Input and Output Devices
  • Innovative Applications of VR
  • Human Factors in VR
  • Evaluation of VR Techniques and Systems
  • Internet and VRML Application of VR in all areas
  • Interactive Art and Entertainment
  • Artificial Life
  • Education and Entertainment Robots
  • Medical and Healthcare Robots
  • Micro and Nano Robots
  • Innovative Robotics Applications


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ISMCR Symposium Committee

General Chair - Dr Zafar Taqvi, University of Houston-Clear Lake, USA

General Vice Chairs

  • Prof. Yvan Baudoin, Belgium
  • Prof. Masahiko Inami, Japan

Symposium Advisors

  • Prof Susumu Tachi, Japan
  • Norman Chaffee, CLCTS/USA
  • Reese Terry, IEEE Fellow

Symposium Program Chair

  • Dr Thomas L. Harman, UHCL, Conference Program Committee

Finance Chair

  • Dr Ishaq Unwala, UHCL/USA

Publication Chair

  • Dr Zafar Taqvi, UHCL
  • Julian Morales

Internet/Social Media Liaison

  • Sarah Taqvi, University of Houston Journalism Department

Registration Chair

  • Dr. Irfan Khan, Texas A&M University
  • Carol Fairchild, Retired

Logistics Coordinator

  • Michelle Patrick, CEO, ADAK Digital Inc.

Social Coordinators

  • Julian Morales, IEEE
  • Irene Chan, AIAA